Hosts hack

Here's a quick way to fake a DNS entry. The idea is that you (as a developer) want to browse the site you're working on via the domain name for some reason. Maybe you're testing the virtual host settings on your server, or you're demonstrating for a client or whatever. read

Apache SSL

There are a number of ways to set up SSL on a web host. The purpose of this howto is to provide a guide on setting up a local certificate authority (CA) and then using that authority to set up a certificate that can be used with the apache2 webserver, as provided by Debian (backports as of this writing, but should be part of sarge release). read

Google Geocoding

This is a little experiment with the Google Geocoding service. Geocoding is the process of turning human readable addresses into a latitude and longitude. Google provide a free web service to let you do this very easily. read